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Parents of G: Tracy, California

Our family began working with Andrea Tytell in 2004 when it became apparent that agencies providing education and services to our severely autistic son were not going to collaborate in his best interests. I have learned much since that time and most of what I have learned has been trial by fire. Many might tell families that they must collaborate at all costs. I don’t believe this to be true. While we certainly all must do our best to work with the agencies providing services and education to our children and to keep good communication open, we must also know that not all professionals or agencies are ethical.

We must learn to see when our children are in harm’s way or when the services provided are not appropriate for our child’s individual needs. Unfortunately, across the country children are in programs and services not suited for their needs. Many children are also victim to personal and civil rights violations. Parents may find themselves in positions to seek legal council for the absolute necessity of keeping a child safe, getting appropriate services in place, ensuring proper education and even seeking the assistance in rebuilding a shattered child’s life. When this need arises, we as parents need to gain the advice and council of someone in the legal profession who possesses the skill and knowledge to represent the child in an arena of opposing attorneys, professionals and agencies who will seek to overrun a parent unprepared and innocent in areas that all aforementioned are extremely skilled at navigating. Even the most intelligent parent cannot protect their child alone if agencies decide they know what’s best for your child. And what they see as best often can be what is best for their budget.

Andrea has advised my family on many matters in these past years in very serious areas. It has reaped many services for our child that I am certain would not have been provided without council. I have found that through this legal process, which was dire and necessary, I have learned many skills to obtain services as well as direct services outside of using council. So it has been a benefit to my family in more ways than the obvious. We plan on utilizing Andrea’s service again as need arises. Concluding, I would say that families must put their child first and if that means taking professionals and/or agencies who are neglecting or abusing their positions to task then that is what must be done. In a world of diminishing resources, downsizing and overcrowding class rooms; families with children needing serious assistance very well may have to call upon legal council. Never be afraid to protect your child.

Parent of J: Laguna Beach, California

Ms. Tytell’s wide knowledge of family, special education and juvenile law areas makes her a worthy source of highly complex information. Her genuine empathy for her clients and their children is notable and powers her determination to resolve difficult matters. Her personal warmth gives her the ability to work across boundaries, but she can formulate strategy as needed.  

Parent of J: Laguna Beach, California

Ms. Tytell’s compassion and commitment to justice were an inspiration during my family’s long and difficult case. In the end, we got everything we set out to achieve, against long-odds, thanks to her legal acumen and hard-work. Having with worked with many attorney’s, I appreciate the exceptional service I received from Ms. Tytell.

Parents of G: Los Angeles, California

We heard about Andrea Tytell from a list of resources given to us by Center For Discovery in Whittier. When our daughter’s therapist gave us her name as someone who specializes in helping parents navigate the maze of red tape involved in getting state funding for non public schools.

After our daughter absconded from treatment it was recommended that we place her in a therapeutic boarding school. When we asked her then high school to help with this they sent us back to her local school who told us that we had to go back to the first school. This was a very frustrating and frightening position to be in. We hired an advocate who guided us with the paperwork and then told us that we needed a lawyer to file due process and we called Andrea.

She was very reassuring and knowledgeable and was able to get us an agreement from the first educational authority to cover our daughter’s fees for three months and a number of other expenses and we found out yesterday that based on the paper work from this case that LAUSD has agreed to fund her.

I would strongly recommend Andrea as she did what she said she would and without her guidance and expertise we would have been playing piggy in the middle between two school districts while our daughter continued to be at serious risk at home in a mainstream school setting. We are most grateful and cannot praise her enough. Thank you.